Welcome to Transition Town Bury!

Welcome to the official blog website of Transition Town Bury. Here you will find information on meetings and events, resources, initiatives and local businesses.

Transition Town Bury is a grass-roots initiative to build local economic and community resilience in the face of rising risks from energy and fuel scarcity and climate change.

Transition Town Bury believes that re-localisation and the strengthening of local supply chains and community co-operation will be key to the well-being of Bury residents in the 21st Century.

TTB includes not just the town of Bury but all towns and villages in the Metropolitan Borough of Bury.

This site also includes links to other initiatives going on in the area such as ‘Incredible Edible’ groups, and is not exclusive.

TTB meets on the first Thursday of every month at 7:30pm at the Adult Learning Centre in Bury – please come along!


How to start a Community Business

Have you an idea for a small business? Do you want to make sure it runs in an ethical manner? Would you prefer to work co-operatively to establish it?

Jo Bird of Co-operative Business Consultants will lead a meeting on ‘Setting up a Community Business’ at the Adult Learning Centre opposite bus and metrolink stations in the middle of Bury on Thursday 8th March at 7pm. She will talk about free support and advice available to new co-operative businesses through the Co-operative Enterprise Hub. Come and listen – and bring your idea along to see if others can work with you and if Jo can offer you further help.

Jo has been involved with co-operatives since 1993. She is the founder of Olive Co-operatives, which promotes responsible tourism and fair trade with Palestinians and other Middle Eastern groups. As a consultant she has helped FC United of Manchester maintain their reputation as an innovative, ethical and community-based club and worked with Unicorn Grocery, one of the best known food co-operatives in Greater Manchester, as well as many other groups.

The impetus for this meeting has come from a group of people seeking to set up a community energy business in Bury borough. This group has looked most closely at the possibility of putting a wind turbine up in Philips Park, but may also consider using the energy of the Irwell for a water power project. It would welcome new members. We hope this meeting will be a shot in the arm for that development and the beginning of a longer term relationship with Jo Bird.

Whatever your business idea, bring it along.

This meeting is hosted by Transition Town Bury in co-operation with Bury Adult Education Service. Transition Town Groups across the country are taking action try to create a new economic base for our society which is less dependent on oil. We believe that local environmentally friendly businesses are essential to this and are an important part of the way forward for the future.

Woodland Gardening – Evening Talk

Woodland gardening – evening talk
An evening talk by Angus Soutar in association with Incredible Edible Prestwich and Transition Town Bury
11th January 2012 – Royal British Legion Club, 225 Bury Old Road – just up the road from Heaton Park Metro Station
There is a growing interest in low-maintenance gardening using perennial plants, including trees and shrubs. Traditionally, woodland has been a rich source of food and materials for people, and it presents the following advantages over the cultivation of annual vegetable beds.
• In cool temperate areas, woodlands are much more productive in ecological terms
• In urban areas, woodland is often easier to secure, to establish and maintain when compared with allotments and urban agriculture
• woodland contributes to soil-building and rapid transfer of nutrients, whereas cultivated soils require constant vigilance and energy if they are not to become depleted
• woodland is highly effective at mopping up harmful greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and it contributes to local climate moderation and flood control
• conventional horticultural techniques may be used within an overall woodland environment
Angus Soutar will describe some of the recent developments in this fascinating approach, and will discuss some of the challenges involved. Angus is a founder member of the Permaculture Institute of North Britain and is an active supporter of several community projects in the region.
3. Rebecca Hoskings ‘A Farm for the Future’, originally broadcast on BBC’s ‘Natural World’ series, can be viewed on http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/farm-for-the-future/
4. Radio 4 Food Programme ‘Climate Change Farm’ can be accessed via http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b010xy3g
5. Transition Town Movement links to Forest Gardening are illustrated at http://www.transitionnetwork.org/blogs/rob-hopkins/2011-06-27/cereals-agroforestry-and-droughts-interview-martin-crawford

Forest Garden Project

Transition Town Bury will be holding a visit to Prestwich Clough at 7pm on the evening of Thursday 14th July. The visit will start at the Church Inn, will then visit the site and return to the pub at 8pm to discuss the suitability of the site for a forest garden project and how it could be taken forward.

All welcome.

Directions to the Church Inn:-

From the M62 junction 17 follow sign to Prestwich. Pass Tescos on right and Marks and Spencers on left and through Prestwich Village centre. At end of parade of shops just before downhill section and opposite Red Lion pub (set back from the road on left) turn right into Church Lane. Inn is on right at end of road just before Church. We will be waiting outside.

A search for Church Inn Prestwich on Google maps brings it up identified by name.

An Introduction to Permaculture

The next meeting of Transition Town Bury will begin with an illustrated talk by Fiona Lynch entitled ‘An Introduction to Permaculture.

Fiona is a teacher and support worker who leads the extremely successful Green Club at Parrenthorn School in Prestwich. She will show us slides of developments at Middlewood Trust near Lancaster (www.middlewood.org.uk/)

As usual we will meet in the Bury Fire Station Community Rooms at 7.30pm on Thursday 9th June.

Incredible Edible Pimhole – Planting Day

On Saturday, 7th May at 12:00 noon, Incredible Edible Pimhole will be holding a planting day.

On Kershaw Street, Pimhole, BL9 7, local residents working with Groundwork have installed a number of raised bed planters on derelict ground which has been waiting for houses to be built on it for a number of years. The Pimhole Renewal Action Group (PRAG) decided to utilise some of the waste land for food growing.

The planting day is open to all involved in “Incredible Edible” and “Transition Town Bury”, and Pimhole residents would welcome help from anyone who would like to come along with spare seedlings and plants and put them into the raised beds, which have plenty of space to fill.

The food grown in these raised beds, as well as being used by Pimhole residents, will also be used in the local primary school of St Thomas’, and by a community of asylum seekers who are being looked after by the neighbouring Mosses Centre.

All are welcome and all contributions will be much appreciated! 🙂